The ancient teachings of the Universe

One of the first things I discovered when I initially jumped into past life regression was that it has a kindred link with almost every religion and faith in the world.

Going back to the very first teachings of the oldest religion, Wicca, it was thought that we encounter many lives through which we discover and learn the lessons that carry our spirits towards enlightenment. We know this to be true today, and it is certainly the background to my own theories.

It also took me a while to find that God, (if this name is good for you) is also energy, light source and life of the universe. There is a funadamental energry that flows through us. This is called the Law of Vibration and it is the platform where a number of other universal laws rest, including the Law of Attraction.

Thought is, as far as we know to be true, vibration and all thoughts carry through the one conscious mind of which we are all connected to.

When we find how Abraham Maslow described it ‘self actualisation,’ what we are discovering is the highest form of vibration, which is what we strive for through meditation.

Once these simple rules are understood and realised, it isn’t impossible then to discover the answers to all universal questions – the ones that wake us up at 3am! There is nothing complicated about how the universe works. In Ancient times, it was thought that nature was the one, true god/source of energy and that everything flowed through and from it.

As it stands, this is true, even thousands of years later. It is interesting to learn then how man has advanced so far in some aspects of life and in others, almost none at all.